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Guest Well I downloaded this and I got excited but I had a problem installing it and a text was shown or a reminder maybe that goes like this "Please install Spotify using a normal account instead of an administrator account."
Could you fix this kind of problem?
Because I really love this app.

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Guest Just search for the music you love and hit Play.

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Richard Spotify, to me, is basically Pandora but revamped and is like Grooveshark but not as buggy and glitchy. The program utilizes and combines both desired aspects of music discovery and entertainment. Spotify is now free on mobile and tablet devices so you'll get a kick out of that. The software is very light and has little demand. My Windows XP computer runs the program faster than a hot knife cutting warm butter. I really recommend this program to all (yes, even 2 year old!). Music lovers and even non-music enthusiasts alike will love this product. One thing that I have to mention is that, once in a while for the free account, there will be a voice-over advertisement if you don't want any advertisement upgrade to a premium account for a flat rate per month. Also in the premium account, you can go into offline mode. Offline mode is when you don't need WiFi to listen to you music. I strongly recommend getting Spotify.

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Damien Kianney

Damien Kianney You almost have the music you want; you just need to search.
You want an offering system to recommend you the music you're likely to love it, Spotify will spot it for you. And if you want more, there are lots of apps which can help you discover the music you love.

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Guest Simple to use yet very powerful features!

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Kevin Clean, light, effective! If they expand device support to any Windows recognized device it will be a 100% winner!

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Malcolm One of the BEST programs on My desktop. I'm glad that I got it when the 'unlimited' version was still free!

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graydon nice software

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